Sunday, March 9, 2008

i need you to save me.

as i am sitting here, there is a fuzzy gray man on a chair by the window, enjoying a sunbath. his name is ashford (or "fang," if you like). I got him a couple of years ago from an animal shelter in the western suburbs of chicago. He can be a little crazy, (as can any animal), but I adore him. He spent about two years in and out of shelters, being returned at least once that i know of.

Please, please, please - if you are considering getting a pet, please go to a shelter. There are literally millions of animals that need a home, please give it to them. There is NO REASON TO GO TO A BREEDER - unless you want to condemn an animal in a shelter to death. Do not encourage breeders to continue this practice. And whatever you do, DO NOT purchase a dog or cat from a pet store. Most pet stores have stopped selling dogs and cats, but there are certainly ones who continue the practice.

Check out the Humane Society, they do good work.

And for everyone who does own a pet - look into their eyes. They don't want to die to be on your plate, do they? Neither do cows, pigs, or chickens. If you are okay with eating one animal, why not with another?

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