Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Excuse for Eating Meat #2 - Not Eating Meat Makes You Weak.


this is another common reason I have gotten from meat-eaters defending their diet of choice. It is quite true that I am rather skinny, but I was just as skinny growing up, when meat was pretty much a part of every meal in my household. Fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, etc do things can only strengthen your body, especially since only animal products contain cholesterol.

I am no nutritionist, but could certainly go on with it for quite awhile. Instead, meet Ultimate Fighter Mac Danzig, who is also a vegan -
Now, here's the thing - personally I see fighting of this sort as stupid and silly, BUT as they are all consenting to the ordeal, let them beat the crap out of each other. Animals, on the other hand, are not able to give their consent before you shoot them in the head to "stun" them. Anyways, the point here is that if veganism/vegetarianism made you as weak as the meat-eaters like to think, there is no possible way this man could ever be in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, right? Well, at least it makes sense to me...

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