Friday, February 29, 2008

The Wealth and Luxury that WHO deserves?

If you watch TV In the Chicagoland area, it is impossible to escape commercials for Andriana Furs.
Their slogan/jingle is,"Feel the wealth and luxury that you deserve...Andriana Furs." I guess I am missing where any sort of luxury can come from this needless slaughter.

This is not even taking in the fact that many furs come from China, where they are routinely made from cats and dogs. You may think it is only slaughtered minks or rabbits you are wearing, while it could very well be a relative of the beloved family pet. No matter what animal it is, there is no reason EVER to wear fur.

Okay, perhaps this is a little much...if you are living in the mountains with absolutely nothing to keep you warm, and the only way to survive is to kill a bear with your own hands, skin it, and wear it, well then okay, i'll give you that.
But when you walk down to Michigan Avenue and drop a couple grand to wear the fur of slaughtered creatures...there is absolutely no excuse. period.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Can You Spare A Teat?

There is absolutely nothing natural about drinking cow's milk. Let me stress that once more, there is NOTHING NATURAL ABOUT DRINKING COW'S MILK. Perhaps I am too harsh. It is natural - If you are a baby cow.

Let us reverse the situation in order to get some perspective on this. Here's how it goes -
1. A member from a different species takes your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, and female friends and pumps them full of artificial growth hormones and other unnatural things
2. This other species hooks their lactating breasts up to machines which extract their milk
3. The other species feeds this extracted milk to its children

Fucked up enough? Because this is exactly what we do to cows.

No matter how humanely the cows are milked, even if they are not pumped full of growth hormones, etc, take a step back and look at just how bizarre this practice is. Humans take the milk from other species, which is meant ONLY for their own babies, and feeds it to our own. That is absolutely disgusting. and bizarre.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Why do we eat?

a simple question that few actually seem to ask themselves while they are busy shoving shit down their throat.
of course, the first reason is simple SURVIVAL,
but seeing as how that is not so much an issue for the great majority of the United States, it is the second which we are most concerned about - PLEASURE

Now, if you are eating meat for a reason other than instinctual survival, it is pretty much a guarantee that you are consuming meat out of sheer pleasure. Of course, no matter what the method of slaughter, the only way meat can reach your plate is for an animal to suffer and die. if you are engaging in an act of pleasure that can only result from the pain of another creature, that is perverse and sadistic.

to that end, anyone who claims to be a peaceful person but continues to eat meat is ignorant at best, and a sick sadistic hypocrite at worst.

If you cannot watch your food during all stages of its production, you have a problem and need to ask yourself why you can eat the finished product, so long as you do not see what it took for it to get to your plate. simply, that is wrong.
I have no qualms about personally taking part in each and every step of production for every single piece of food i consume - if you cannot say the same, please examine what you are using for survival, and what you are using for pleasure.

go vegan.