Sunday, March 2, 2008

Disney, Children's Movies and Carnage

I was raised on a healthy diet of children's movies and television programming, as I am sure were many others. A great number of these had animals as the main characters - characters that we grew with and came to love.

One of the most popular was the film Babe. In the movie, we are overjoyed to see that even a little pig like Babe has worth, and maybe so do we. Millions have watched this film, felt for the character, perhaps even loved him. (He is pretty adorable after all). And yet...the great majority of those same people continue to eat the flesh of pigs.
where is the sense in this? Surely, children do not understand where their food comes from...but once those children become adults...where is the answer then?

Disney has made countless movies with animals as heroes, and yet in their parks you will find all kinds of slaughtered creatures for sale. Is there not something bizarre about buying a stuffed Chicken Little doll in a theme park gift shop, and then walking next store to buy fried chicken?

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