Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How to get people to eat less meat #1 - menu pictures

So the question arises, how do you get people to eat less meat?
My first suggestion is to add pictures to all menus showing how each food item gets to your plate.
For example, you're in a fancy restaurant, glancing at the menu. You come across a veal dish. Beside it would be a series of photographs, beginning with a calf being born. Then the baby cow seen immediately taken from its mother, and slaughtered when only a few days old. Next a photo of the butchered body, then the final dish.

Meanwhile, I glance over to a pasta dish, and see images of grains in the field being cut down, and made into pasta. Then tomatoes are ripped from the vine and smashed to make sauce. Finally, a photo of the finished product.

I would have no problem whatsoever with seeing what it takes to produce my pasta. However, it seems likely that most people would have issues with the veal. If you can look at the pure, unnecessary gore it took to produce your food, then by all means, feel free to eat it. But if you have any issues with this, then you shouldn't eat it.

Just a suggestion.

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