Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hooray for California and Massachusetts!

local government is a wonderful thing.
let me preface this by saying i am a classic liberal (something which most people who call themselves "liberals" cannot properly define) and so believe action like this must be taken at the state level, leaving the federal government to respect the constitution and only exercise the powers legally given to it. thus, actions such as these can only properly be taken at the state level, UNLESS the constitution is amended.

It is time to celebrate!
First, Massachusetts voters passed Question 3, better known as the Greyhound protection act, with 56% of the vote. The act effectively shuts down greyhound racing in Massachusetts, with violations bringing at least $20,000 in fines. Animals are not here for us to make money off of in this manner. Advocates against the ban argue the dogs are well treated, but in reality they are often raced to death, and when no longer useful, killed outright. Today the doggies have a victory, thanks to the voters.

And over in California, voters passed Proposition 2, better known as the Standards for Confining Farm Animals.
Those against the ban say it will be horribly destructive on the economy, but we shouldn't have an economy based on the suffering of innocent creatures. There is absolutely NO REASON we need to consume animal products to survive anymore. We are intelligent enough to have learned that we can be much healthier by NOT eating animals and their byproducts. If these farmers who are complaining were to use their land to harvest other non-animal commodities, it would make for a healthier populace and they wouldn't have to worry about treating animals better before slaughtering them.

So exactly what crazy measures does this act force upon farmers? It
"prohibits the confinement of farm animals in a manner that does not allow them to turn around freely, lie down, stand up, and fully extend their limbs." Oh FUCK! You're right, that's fucking ridiculous. How dare these living creatures be able to lay down. Goodness. The Libertarian Party of California opposed the measure, and so here i must break with the party.

Will the measure hurt the profits of these farmers? Most likely. BUT, to me it is sick to make your living off of raising beautiful creatures only to stun them with a bolt to the head and then gut them, sometimes while they're still alive. Hens will no longer be able to be confined to small, battery cages. Often, egg laying hens have their beaks sliced off when they're still chicks, because if they didn't they would peck each other to death from being confined so close. Go figure.

Hooray for California and Massachusetts! The animals have a friend in you.

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